“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”
Maya Angelou

Community Service, Mitzvah Projects, Volunteer Opportunities it’s all here!

Here’s the scoop for getting started and making a difference! Think about your skills and interests. What do you like to do when you have a choice? What are you good at, what do people compliment you on? You have talents! You are special! This is your chance to use them.

Your project or volunteer job may be something that others have done in the past or something you create.

For more information contact me, Koa.


1. Love art? Organized a poster contest at your school to celebrate healthy food choices, school gardens, or a Fast Food Free Challenge.

2. Is fundraising your thing? Fast Food Free is always in need of funds to spread the word and keep our organization strong. Fund raising can be organizing a garage sale, car wash, or a Coins for Change Drive to benefit Fast Food Free. Every penny collected helps Fast Food Free.

3. Got Junk? Recycle and reuse your old stuff to create funds for Fast Food Free. Sponsor a GARAGE SALE and send the proceeds to Fast Food Free. it’s a win-win situation.

4. Are you a natural organizer? Consider organizing a Fast Food Free Challenge for your class or even your school! We have resources and support to help you so jump in and get involved.

5. Into music? Sponsor a benefit concert for Fast Food Free. Ask people who attend to consider making a donation AND taking the 2-week Fast Food Free Pledge.

6. Love public speaking? We have a PowerPoint that is kid friendly and can be adapted to meet your needs.

7. Do you have Fast Food Free experiences to share? You can write about them and we can use our resources to publish your work on blogs.

8. Enjoy films? Watch films related to how food is produced and write a review. Another idea is to host a film viewing at your school, place of worship or for your youth group. (Examples of films: Fresh, Food, Inc, What’s on my Plate?, King Corn, Supersize Me).

9. Love to eat? Sponsor a fundraiser at a local restaurant (Fast Food Free approved check with us for details). Many restaurants offer this option to increase their business and supports schools and nonprofits. Chipotle is a good example of a quick service restaurant that offers this benefit. A certain percentage of sales for selected night would benefit Fast Food Free. EASY!

10. Love to write? Consider composing an editorial for your local newspaper that supports Fast Food Free.

The Ideas Are Endless

Getting StartedCheck with friends, family, teachers and neighbors who might help or offer support. Contact me, Koa. I would enjoy helping you get your project off the ground.