IQ Concept Strategy Game – $12

IQ Concept is an intellectual game that is suitable for all ages and levels. The game is divided into 5 levels: elementary, intermediate, advanced, challenging and pyramid. With more than one thousand different arrangements of the high quality “beads”, it provides a lot of challenge in a compact game. IQ Puzzle stimulates thinking, helps build memory, and is an excellent way to exercise your brain. (Age 5 and up)

Warning: Choking hazard for young children.

Game Review: “IQ Concept is a great game with 186 puzzles in one set–it is good value for money. I realized it is not a game you play just for fun. Along the way, my kids, ages 8 and 12 picked up critical thinking and problem solving skills. I also used the game to teach them to persevere and not give up when working through a difficult challenge. As they solved more challenges, they become more confident and motivated to attempt the difficult ones.”



Fast Food Free Hat – $12

100% RPET Recycled Material (feels like high-quality 100% cotton). This blend is tremendously strong, inherently water resistant, and color fast.

• Low-profile silhouette;
• Fabric is washed for a lush softness;
• Sewn eyelets for ventilation;
• Fit adjusts with a fabric strap that tucks away;
• Hand wash;
• Fast Food Free Logo.

100% of the proceeds from sales are utilized to promote Fast Food Free. Thank you for shopping for a cause.

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