3 Famous Hotels in the Mekong Delta to book-into

For its growing popularity, Mekong Delta is a place to behold. It is a fact that though many visitors shy away from mentioning, the recent spate of developments, which has seen the transformation of village Vietnam into a masterpiece, has not left this area out.

Notably, the high number of visitors has necessitated the development of high-end hotels to cater for the needs of a vast number of tourists thronging the area. As a visitor or someone who is still planning the travel schedule, getting the right information on where to stay is paramount.

3 Famous Hotels in the Mekong Delta to book-into

The Mekong Delta and the adjacent islands are not short of hotels where one may stay. However, to enjoy the Vietnamese hospitality, one has to be able to choose what matches their pocket. We have looked at some of the most popular hotels in the Mekong Delta where any visitor would love to stay.

The Kim Tho hotel

If you move to the area of Ninh Kieu Quay, in the Mekong Delta this is the hotel you will enjoy most. With its style, the fabric furnishing that adorns the foyer would be a good start fort your stay. The hotel has several clean, cheap rooms on the lower floors while the other expensive ones are on the upper level.

If you are someone with a taste for relaxation, the ecstatic view of the river makes the hotel an ideal place for you. The hotel works for 24 hours with free Wi-Fi access to all who book here. However, it is a perfect place to have a view of the Ninh Kieu Pier as it is a walk away.

Its strategic placement near the Can Tho Museum makes it an ideal place for adventurous stay. You can as well enjoy great tastes of food given the rich menu of traditional Vietnamese food they prepare.

The Song Tien Hotel

Situated in the center of My Tho City, this hotel has beautiful rooms kept to the satisfaction of its users. The bold part of staying here is the fact that it overlooks the Bao Dinh River, a strategic point in Mekong and Vietnam in particular.

Booking here allows you access to the vast menu of satellite television channels. The fact that the rooms here are pocket-friendly with an array of free items makes it throng with those who want to have their stay at a cost not worth breaking the bank.

The variety of Vietnamese foods served with Vietnamese drinks will keep you alert, especially the delicious Vietnamese coffee. There are also laundry and luggage keeping for the whole duration of the visit.

The Victoria Chau Doc Hotel

With a touch of Vietnamese tradition, you will find the hospitality in the Victoria as above board. The ao dai-the traditional dress is what the staff at the hotel that adds a little twist to the services. Its location on the banks of the Bassac River makes it an ideal point of leisure.

Of note is its strategic place for a view of the great boat rides over the floating markets in the Mekong islands. Those who want to have boat rides need to book at the Victoria as it has a variety of speed boats for its clients.

The different services that include a spa, bath tubs in the rooms will strive to keep you as comfortable as you may wish. In addition to its beauty, the Victoria Hotel is where you will have a taste of the varied Vietnamese and European cuisines all in one place.

It’s a common point for high-end tourists thronging the Mekong.


As many of those who throng this area will attest, Mekong is the place to be if you want to feel the delicious mix of Vietnamese village life with the emerging western life. Paying a visit to the Mekong may seem a simple undertaking given its size.

The boat rides and the old artifacts of Vietnam form the basis for a choice of appropriate point of the stay. Most of the hotels in the area charge pocket-friendly rates but making a decision in advance save the visitor the agony of failing to get a room.

If you are planning to visit the area during a time of festivity, try to confirm your booking well in advance.


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