How to pick the best memory foam mattress

If you’re somebody who likes to keep up with the trends and obtain the benefits off the latest technology you’ve already come across memory foam mattresses and their characteristic features. If not, and you’re just started out on your journey to the latest high-tech equipment, here’s a recap: Memory foam mattresses include open cell structures that react to body pressure as well as heat, encompassing you as you lie down, cradling you to sleep as it evenly distributes your body weight, aiding along with the level of heat provided to keep you warm.

How to pick the best memory foam mattress

Buying the right mattress though can be a difficult task, especially with the large variety of specifications when it comes to objects that you’ll merely be unconscious over. To make it easier, we’ve included the list of specifications that almost each mattress should have, incorporating their importance as well as a description.

How to pick the best memory foam mattress when Traveling

  1. Bed Frame Size. No matter their specialty in adjusting to shapes, memory foam mattresses can be purchased in standard sizes, preferably to make it easier on the customer to team it with the bed frame.


LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress’, for example come in nine different sizes, specifically: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Olympic Queen, RV Queen, King and California. A gel infused mattress, it’s very easy to install into your home.


  • Types of Memory Foam. Considering how well memory foam mattresses work, specific types of mattresses have their own specialities:
  • Traditional memory foam still uses the same petroleum-based products as it did since it’s invention several decades ago. It typically helps increase your blood circulation while reducing the amount of stress received by your various joints, while you sleep.
  • Gel memory foam, a recent upgrade, it includes features of traditional memory foam, while also infusing gel into certain parts of the mattress, or simply including a gel-like layer, to improve sleep with the mattress’ support system. It is said to be the best type of memory foam mattress for individuals suffering from medium to severe back pains due to poor posture.
  • Air Cool memory foam, a result of recurring complaints on the heat produced by regular memory foam mattresses, it reacts faster to your body heat, getting rid of the warmth quick enough to keep the cool sensation going.




  • Appropriate Thickness. The thicker the mattress, the softer it is, however choosing a thinner mattress won’t take away all the soft features of a memory foam mattress either. The base layer needs to of high thickness level in comparison to all the other layers, which simply add to the softness of the mattress. The thickness options for a memory foam mattress range from 6 to 14 inches.



DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress as the name suggests is 13 inches thick, a perfect thickness level for ultimate softness in a mattress. Along with such soft features it includes


  1. Compare Density. Memory foam mattresses are offered in three separate density options:
  • High Density memory foam mattresses are perfect for high durability as well as their firm structure, softening up and adjusting to your body’s pressure pointers at a slower pace. They might not be as budget friendly as the others, but their durability in the form of 8-10 years of use make it seem as an investment.
  • Medium Density memory foam mattresses adjust quicker to your body shape than high density mattresses, lasting for a similar amount of time, but aren’t as soft as low-density mattresses at the beginning either.
  • Low Density memory foam mattresses are easily compatible and will fit around your frame easily. But on the other hand, while being less expensive compared to the others, it’s less durable too.


  1. Hypoallergic Mattresses. If you suffer from allergies you’ll need to consider the type of mattress you’ll be buying as an extra precaution. Gel infused mattresses are the most resistant to dust mites, but if you choose to buy a different type of mattress instead, purchasing hypoallergic toppings and pillowcases will help ensure your symptoms are kept at bay.


  1. Side Sleepers. Considering the fact that memory foam mattresses are made to cradle your body effectively based on pressure points, it’s no surprise that there are certain mattresses available for side sleepers as well. The thickness of the mattress plays the vital role in ensuring a better sleeping experience for side sleepers, with an ideal thickness ranging from 8 to 14 inches. Referring to the softness of thicker mattresses, it’s appeal to addressing the knees, hips and shoulders while lying down makes it highly suitable for side sleepers.


  1. Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). A crucial aspect of memory foam mattresses, ILD refers to how soft or hard the pressure onto the mattress is going to be, i.e. in more specific terms, how much pressure is required to lower the mattress level down to 4 inches.


Low ILDs provide better comfort through softer pressure, while higher ILDs provide firmer and stronger pressure, particularly beneficial for back support.


  1. Natural v/s Regular. Considering how many chemicals are included in a regular memory foam mattress, many individuals seem to prefer natural and bio-friendly memory mattresses instead. The chemically enhanced visco-elastic memory foam is of synthetic material, making its high temperatures seem suffocating.


In contrast, natural memory foam mattresses provide a cooler materiel, while seemingly surrounding yourself in natural material as well.


Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress for example is a BioFoam memory foam mattress, substituting petroleum with plant oil, keeping your mattress cooler and fresher. With a high-density base, it’s a perfect blend of high quality, bio-friendly, soft mattress that is budget-friendly at the same time. Taking around 48 to 72 hours to fully decompress, its durability is high enough to last you around 10 years.

  1. mmHg level. Technically a chemical acronym, Millimetre of Mercury is a measurement used to determine how the liquid inside the mattress will react to pressure. But in regard to the memory foam mattresses, it can be said that it measures how well your comfort level will be attended to, i.e. how well your pressure will be released.


A standard level of 32 mmHg or lower is enough to help relieve pressure. Lower mmHg measurement help improve blood circulation, while relieving pressure build up in your body, reducing how much you normally toss and turn in bed.



  • CertiPUR-US certifications. CertiPUR-US is a non-profit American organisation priding themselves in screening foam based products for harmful chemicals, ozone depleters, and dangerous gas emissions. Most companies will include their certifications in among the advertisements. When purchasing memory foam mattresses, try and make sure they’re certified.


We hope we’ve made your job easier in selecting a memory foam mattress for you to choose from as looked at types of memory foam mattresses, its availability in different sizes, and features that provide different types of relief regarding your own preference.

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