Top 4 Types of food for ornamental fish

Before choosing any aquarium fish, almost everyone has a big question is not understand what kind of fish to eat what kind of food to live! And only when the seller explained the fish properly, they dare to spend money to buy this fish to raise. Besides, choice a fish food, You need choose an aquarium canister by PetFul101.Com

Top 4 Types of food for ornamental fish

Therefore, it is advisable only to breed ornamental fish where the condition of supplying food is within our capacity. The food must be easy to find, can be sold out or we can find it by picking it out by Digging earthworm or processing dry feed. So the new farming will be effective and not too expensive. That is the reason why some fish are very beautiful but can only be raised in the West of China but in Vietnam, nobody touches it because of the food that is too scarce.

Type Of Aquarium Fish Food

It is fortunate that when living in the natural environment, most fish have a habit of eating them so that they can survive. Do you think that in nature we do not have enough toss or worms, bread to feed them. A free bird is different from a bird raised in a cage. It gets enough food from nature, it just needs to find its own food, need to search for a leaf to find a worm. A day may not have been enough to fill the belly. It’s just more than a bird in a cage which has no freedom and space to fly and have to worry about eating, worrying about the risk of chasing. You need to make your fish familiar with proper eating habit so that they can prey enough to live?

Fish in glass bottles, in aquariums, live well with the food that they can provide. Maybe the first time fish will not be familiar with new food because of not taste good and eat less, then get used to. However, if the food is not suitable for them, it needs to be changed in time so that fish lose their health and disease.

Quantity of Food

An essential aspect of feeding a fish is the quantity and frequency. It should be confirmed by an expert before feeding them. In case you are unsure, it is better to feed less than to overfeed.

Types of food in nature

In wildlife, fish live only on food available in their environment. There are many types of food in nature, but more or less depending on the region and also the density of the fish. Each breed usually likes to eat with some kind of food and when hungry it will find food to eat. There are two types of foods: plant foods and animal feed.

Plant food

In the ponds, rivers, streams, fish eat mosses, vegetables, roots, duckweed … This type of plant food is very much like, eat less, but certainly know what fish eat. To feed in the lake we should provide salads, spinach as food for fish…

animal feed

Animal feed

This is the main food of most aquarium fish. Animal feeds are always available in the natural habitat of the fish, which are tiny, pinkish, watery, larvae, large in size such as earthworms, shrimps, crabs.

  1. Hong ceiling, water ceiling (water spring): a very small species living in the pond stagnant water. They have the ability to reproduce rapidly, so the ponds are pink, the ceiling is always thick red plates. Use a nylon fabric racket to pick up the pink, bare water early in the morning. When with pink, the ceiling should be immersed in a clean water bowl for several hours to settle all the dirty, then picked out in a clean basin again and then picking fish to eat. Many technical people never let the fish eat food pink because of the ceiling that the living environment of pink, so bare ceiling. Some aquaristic traders also raise their own barefoot, bare water for feeding fish.
  2. Cast (larvae): larvae of mosquitoes, multiple proliferate in barrels, water tanks or ponds. The larvae, as well as the hawthorn larvae, float on the dense surface of the water. Want to pick up the use of rag cloths and quickly remove the face, otherwise they see the movement is to even flood down the bottom. The larvae also need to be rinsed off with fresh water before picking them up.

How to grow larvae: In my experience, you can choose a lu or orifice with a capacity of about 100 liters or more, filling about 2/3 of the water capacity of the container. Put in a few cane sugar (can ask for the sugar cane juice), a few leaves of corn, corn cravat, .. but can not be missing sugarcane because mosquitoes like to tender sweet spot. Finally, cover the mouth of the flask, then only about 24 hours later, the mosquitoes will find and lay eggs in the container, microscopic eggs, grayish-gray eggs and clumps of seeds. rice. After two days the eggs hatch and you just need to wait the week to be able to pick out, rinse clean water and then eat fish, should not leave any longer because larvae will become mosquitoes.

+ Worms: worms are only worm-like trunk and short three-four-fold, red as vermouth, so it is also called red worms. Worms live only in “mountains” in places where there are strong currents such as sewers or river beds and even ponds. Worms feed on rotting organic matter in the mud like animal dead.


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