9 Tips to Choose a Best Mattress for Heavy People

Finding a mattress for heavy people can be a bit challenge for some, because they don’t know what exactly a heavy person needs in a mattress. Or whether the important factors for choosing a best mattress are the same as other types of sleepers? With many questions in mind, you may be very confusing. To help you easier with your buying decision, here are 9 tips to choose a best mattress for heavy people of


Heavy people will create a large pressure on the mattress1000 which is why the mattress should be thick. It also give better support and deeper compression needed for the heavy sleepers. If your find yourself in the 250 – 500 pounds range, It is recommended to go with at least 12 inches in total thickness.

9 Tips to Choose a Best Mattress for Heavy People


Obviously, the heavier a person is, the more sinkage is. When a person is sunk too far down into the mattress, it usually results in discomfort and restless during the night. In addition, it doesn’t allow having proper spine alignment. To provide proper support and good spine alignment, medium to firm mattresses are best for heavier people.

Density of Foams

Low quality foams tend to compress unnaturally. If you plan to buy a memory foam mattress, check the foam’s density is important. This determines the durability and ability to stay firm. The higher density is, the firmer and more durable the foam is.

Edge Support

Many people just think that, considering edge support is important when you are a sleeper who sleep near the edges of the mattress, or use it doing things in daytime. However, it is certainly important to ensure whether the edge support of the mattress is strong or not, because heavy people will put more pressure on it.

Weight Limit

None of us want to sleep in a bed that sags heavily in the middle. Sadly, heavy people are more likely to experience sagging than others. Especially, when you choose the poor quality mattresses. To avoid the unwanted issue to happen sooner than the manufacturer’s warranty, you should pick the mattress that is possible to hold your weight. Most mattresses come with a manufacturer’s recommended weight limit. This makes you easier in choosing the right mattress. Check this somewhere before you get it delivered your home.


Each manufacturer offers different warranty. It can be for 5 years or 10 years. As a customer, we usually need as a long-year warranty as possible. However, some companies are fairly restricted in types of wear and tear they accept to repair or replace. Make sure you are clear with all of this sort of information before you buy a mattress.

Return Policy

You may have dug deeper in every detail of the mattress you plan to buy. You may have also done research just to know which the right mattress will suit your sleeping position and preference. The risks of ending up with discomfort and unsupportive feel still happen in many cases. That’s why you need to find the manufacturers that offer a good return policy when purchasing a mattress from them.

Return Policy

Trial Period

Normally, your body won’t adapt to the new mattress right away. It needs at least a week to adjust itself to be adaptable. This mean you should look for a mattress that allows you to test it out before you know exactly it suits your needs. Additionally, it is usual to experience odors in a new a mattress. This will disappear for couples of days. The trial period also works for this test.


Mostly, mattress manufacturers have their official websites where you can find any details about their products. This makes their customers clearer about the manufacturers and every mattress they produce. However, there are still several companies that seems not to be willing publish all the specs of their mattresses. For instance, Tempurpedic is a very well-known manufacturer. They have quality mattresses that are widely used by plenty of users around the world. However, their official website doesn’t offer clear details about their mattresses, making difficult a bit to find the right one.