Purple Mattress Vs Tempurpedic. Which should you choose?

This article is also an attempt to declassify the two popular Mattress, viz., Purple and Tempurpedic. These two mattresses are able to generate enough populace around themselves and have been able to gather sufficient popularity. The comparison by will tell us why one of them deserves to be chosen and to what perspective it is ahead of the other.

Purple Mattress Vs Tempurpedic. Which should you choose? :

Purple Mattress Vs Tempurpedic

The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

This mattress has an underlying balance in respect of firmness. These mattresses can be put to use as a Firm Mattress whenever required and softness can be imparted if and whenever is so desired. This product bears the features of medium-firm mattress. This enables the user to enjoy a perfect spinal alignment. On purchase, the purchaser is not required to make any differentiation between soft, hard or likewise averaging. This feature lets the sleeper to enjoy a sleep in neutral temperature. The structure maintains a unique state of the art featured combination of foam and hyper-elastic polymer. The beautiful crafting thus of this product invariable enhance the décor of bedroom. The fantastic edge support provides comfort to even over weighed make-up. The medium firm feel, after making an association with embanked polymer web design thus allow for a superior coolness. These products are specifically developed for back and side sleepers.


  1. This product is offered at one of the best customer-friendly prices and thus, is one of the much popular products.
  2. The Smart Grid Design offers unique edge support for all sleepers
  3. These products are made from Eco-friendly materials and thus speak for “Go-Green” approaches.
  4. The materials do not leave any toxic chemicals.
  5. The product enjoys a 30-days guarantee from Amazon and 10 year confidence warranty from Purple.


  • The edge support is prejudiced against of not having sufficient support for oversized users.
  • These products are available in four sizes and you will be despaired if look for Twin and Full varieties.
  • Extra shipping cost is applicable for users in Alaska and Hawaii Island.

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Tempurpedic vs Purple Mattress

TEMPUR‐Cloud Prima Medium-Soft Mattress, Queen

Features: This product is a 10-inch thick medium-firm mattress and is made from TEMPUR-ES material. This material provides support to body and helps to distribute weight if the body evenly across the mattress. The material is also designated to provide comfort layer. The comfort level is helpful in determining the feel of the mattress and allow for personalized comfort and support. The inbuilt SmartClimate system draws the moisture away and ensures comfort. The SmartClimate treatment in the inner cover provides a comfort that is cool when touched. The product is designed with a high-loft and super-stretched premium quality fabric cover that is provided with Grey upholstered sides. The basic layer serves as base of the TEMPUR material at the top and that helps in dispersing heat from the mattress.


  1. This is a new product, thus information about the usable period was not possible to furnish.
  2. It is further suggested that these mattresses are likely to enjoy a life of around seven to eight years, common to the similar type mattresses.
  3. The specialists with the product have stressed that the average lifespan of this mattress is bound to be 10 years, which is higher than the Memory Foam.
  4. These mattresses are available throughout the country in the appropriate retail stores and various shopping malls. Factory direct product is also available. Online booking is also available
  5. About 20% of the user expressed their satisfaction about having pain reduced after they started use of this mattress. This is higher than the average of Memory Foam.


  • Though prolific in uses, these mattresses are suffering from prejudices of heat retention and strong odors. About 8% complain of heat and around 15% of the odor.
  • It is also prejudiced that denser models cause difficulty in moving around on the bed and getting out of bed.
  • The price of this model is comparatively higher than the contemporary products and thus, difficult for many ones to afford.

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The decision of about the preferred brand is a harder task. The Purple product offers a prolonged solution for several pains but very balanced for all style of sleeping. On the other hand, a Tempur products offers sure antidote for back and neck pains, but the price is considerably high. Thus, I would like to throw the ball to the court of customers. It is their option of choosing the brand. And I am rest assured that they will never fail to take the most appropriate decision.

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