Purple vs Tuft And Needle: Best Mattress For an Athlete

This article is also written to find a way to compare Purple Mattresses with Tuft and Needle mattresses for an Athlete, Check out Tuft And Needle Mattress at Their qualities, adversities and other aspects have been put under scrutiny and measured against the parameters of popularity and features. Next, at the end, an appraisal is made to put these valuations in proper shape thus making a proper appreciation.

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Introduction: An athlete sustains by virtue of his/hers performance and for making the performance better, a good sleep is always mandatory. The better an athlete sleeps his chances of recovering strength as well as making the graph of performance still better. The first parameter of having a good nap is the coolness in bedding atmosphere. There are other factors too. Let us make ourselves allowed in a brief discussion about the whole aspect.

Best Mattress For an Athlete


The comfort level of a mattress starts with three layers of dense memory foam. The top two inches feature a cushy gel foam layer that’s infused with copper. This moves heat away from the body when the user sleeps. The research reveals the fact that sleep only is not initiated, but cooler conditions facilitates deep and sound sleep. Two inches of denser foam supports the spine. The base is formed by seven inches thick extra-firm foam.

Mattress capable allow blood flowing

With supportive three layer memory foam soft on up, and dense enough below to keep the user supported. The top layer is infused with graphite gel that brings up optimal cooling. The upper layer will also be made of threads treated with thermo-active minerals. This process is called Celliant Technology. This technology helps in converting body heat into infrared light. It then again reflected back to the user’s body. It is known through researches that infrared light is just appropriate for better circulation of blood and cell recovery. Naturally, this type of a mattress will ramp up the recovering facility of our body while we are asleep – Share by

Mattresses engulfed for better cushioning

The mattresses that help to get better cushioning are called rest beds. This type of mattress comes with a Samsung tablet for each sleeper that acts as a remote control for sides of bed. This is pre-equipped with four small and whisker-quiet pumps. These let the users help themselves with the appropriate support for the five prime zones – head, shoulder, lumbar, hips and legs. Users can adjust the mattress manually via the tablet. The act of softening the hip and leg sections is done for extra cushioning post-leg day.

Alternatively, they can trust the bed to do all the work via the automatic setting. That means when the user moves, the mattress adds support in the points where this is needed. This is done by adjusting when the user turns on their side through adoption of means required for softening the shoulder and hip area. It is needed to roll back on the back. This helps the bed adjustment of cushioning for that position as well.

This unique feature of the mattress helps itself to track the frequency of movement while the user is in deep asleep. It can also track the current position of the user and for how long. Thus, the user can review the statistics of sleeping and improve ZZZ. The applicable rest automatically uploads the new features of the bed’s app. The bed thus get upgraded with the developments of features.

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Tuft And Needle vs Purple Bed Comparison

Purple vs Tuft And Needle for athletes

The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

The Purple Bed Mattress is popular for its beautiful balance between soft and firmness. It imparts the level of firmness as per requirement. This feature helps the mattress to afford a perfect spinal alignment to the body. The user will thus be able to sleep at neutral temperature. The cost is customer-friendly too. Thus, the customers will get the mattresses that are beautifully crafted with state of the art features. The structure constitutes a combination of foam with hyper-elastic polymer composition. The sleeping surface is kept cool with the satisfying medium firm feel and the unique polymer web design. Despite used by every type of sleepers, but this mattress is special for back and side sleepers.


  1. The mattress offers a great value of money to all the customers. These products are offered at a high economical rate.
  2. These mattresses are featured with Unique Smart Grid Design offered by Purple.
  3. The Smart Grid Design attributes to firm edge support to the users
  4. The products can be recycled. These are eco-friendly products that left with no toxic chemicals
  5. This product has an inscribed guarantee from Amazon and 10 year promise Warranty from Purple.
  6. This product is offered with a free trial offer of 100 days.


  1. You will be upset while looking for a typical Twin or Full sizes. These are available in only four sizes.
  2. There are extra shipping fees for shipment to Alaska and Hawaii
  3. Edge support is not sufficient for outsized people.

Tuft & Needle Mattress, Queen Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam

This product has been rated as the top preferred brand by leading consumer product review in 2015. This is qualified as the “Best Buy” in 2016. These products combine clever designing, good air flow system, high quality materials and high density polyurethane foam. Such combination has seen to offer almost all of the advantages of Memory and Latex foams. These are constructed with adaptive T & N foam. Characterized with its capacity to provide a bouncy yet supportive feel perfect for all sleeping positions. It offers great pressure relief and localized bounce.

Besides, this poly foam is designed to support the spine’s natural position and maintain the right alignment for these. Thus, these mattresses are able to provide solution for back and neck pains. So, the sleeping will hardly be disturbed by movement or tossing. The heat trapping effect is eliminated with the encouraging air-flow design and high density poly foam support layer offer even more support than memory foam. The adaptive foam provides cooled sleep. It is a perfect mix of firm and softness, causing the provocation of a comfortable sleep. The product enjoys a full refund guarantee with a free 100 night sleep trial. A Warranty of 10 years is provided along with. This mattress is probably is one of the highest referred mattresses in USA.


  1. These products are offered at a great price that is highly customer-friendly and bearable. Some of these products are offered at around $500.
  2. They have imbibed with unbeatable quality of coolness and breathability offered by Latex Foams.
  3. Good Motion isolation offer non-disturbing affair to partners
  4. These mattresses are produced from top-quality material and crafted by the best persons in this business
  5. The product is provided with a full refund guarantee with a free 100 night sleep trial. A Warranty of 10 years is provided too.


  1. The foundation is not enough solid as has been complained
  2. This mattress is sustained to an initial firmness. This causes annoyance with side sleepers.
  3. Ample usages may be required to bring out appropriate softening to the medium firm state of these products.


From the briefing about these two products, it is clearly indicated that Tuft and Needle Foam is far ahead of Purple Foam. It is characterized with the positive characteristics of both Memory and Latex foams. Thus, it can contour effectively with the body and product even support to all parts of the body. The design effectively supports the spinal alignment and reduces back and neck issues. Thus, if it is to recommend, T&N is there.

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